Sunday, 24 February 2013

Making An Essay based on a video clips!!



Hye everyone..Nice to meet you all.Today our class at lab..This today,Miss Zu teaches us how to make an caused and effect essay to us..Miss Zu want  us to referred in textbook at pages 105 until 107..She want us to choose what we are gonna choose..for me, I will choose block pattern 2 and 4..I think in these pattern, because I can see on what I want write..After Miss Zu explained on how to do cause and effect essay,she want us to make an essay.Essay?? I have a bad grammar on writing an essay..Oh! What should I do?? 

Then she divides us into 5 groups..Luckily, I'm in groups 2 with Eika Ahamad,Eika Kardi,Fatin,Nawi, and Faiz..hihi Mis Zu told us that we are giving in differences topics based on a video clips that she have  already prepared  to us..She played that clips video based on our group numbers. When it turn to our group, its  cannot be open..After a few second,our video clips  can open..First time I watch that clips video I truly not understand on what actually happened in that clips.Then, Miss Zu give us an explanation about that video clips..She told us that what is the effect of having disabled child in a family..Each member of each groups are need to do one paraghraph..She give us 40 minutes to submitted that essay..

In that essay, I have to do a conclusion paragraph..So, before we are write our essay, we have to find a few points to support our essay.Miss Zu give us a permission to find a points surfing in  internet..So, when we have a points to write, we have to think fast because Miss Zu give us a  limited time..In conclusion paragraph I have to  restate our thesis statement and do our conclusion about what should we do if we are having a disabled child in our family.Then, when the time is almost at 6 pm we have to submit our essay..before we submit our essay, we have to combine our essay..I know that she will complained my grammar because I know that I have a bad grammar.So, we are just waiting in next Monday to know the results..

Hihi..Now, I will stop writing and I will continue on next Monday..Bye !!!

this child in the stroller is disabled with cerebral palsy


Tuesday, 19 February 2013

We Are Playing a Games!! "INFERENCES"



FIRST,before I continued my writing,WELCOME BACK TO UiTM SEGAMAT,everyone!!hihih After a week we are having a mid sem's holiday,we are start our BEL 311 class as usual at Dewan Seri Peria..huhu On this today,the weather is very nice and not too bright..hihih Today, Miss Zu in a good mood,maybe..hihi Glad to know that. 

Miss Zu give us a lesson about inferences..Want to know about inferences?hihi Miss Zu said that inferences is what you read between the line or the author want you, as a reader to guess and make the jump to the same conclusion the author have made..

When we read something our inside voices will:
  1. Make guesses
  2. Find connecting point
  3. Ask question
  4. Make prediction
  5. Personalize the reading
  6. Uses background knowledge to interpret 

Then,Miss Zu decide to create a game..Hihi I love to playing a games,because it can release our tention and at the same time,she want us to more  understand about how to use inerences..Its quit interesting...! the games are called " Who kill Mr.Boddy?".She explained to us how to play this games..We need to guess and make some assumption based on what the clues that she give it to us..But, for me, I truly don't understand on how to play it..I guess my classmates not understand too..Totally blank!! Then, after a few minutes later,Wasim has solved the problem..Fuyoo!! congrate to Wasim..

Then, Miss Zu want us to play another games..hehe..Before we played this games,we are divide into 5 groups..Luckily, my groups member are Bariah,Kima, and Nina..Yeaayy!!haha So, in this games we are needs to predict and do inferences from a video clips that Miss Zu were played it..The video clips that she showed to us is,Toy Story 3, A Walk To Remember,and Grenade form Bruno Mars..I love a cartoon movie very much..When the video was played by Miss Zu we have to pay more attention because when Miss Zu pause that video clips, we are needs to predict what will happened next..hihi So, Miss Zu want us to write a inferences in a piece of paper and showed it to that class..Alhamdulillah!! my group can almost predict on what will happened next..hihi Congrate to my groups..!!
We get 1.8 mark on Toys Story 3 and only get 1 mark on A Walk to Remember..hihi Its so much fun..We really enjoyed on these game..

this is 3 video clips that we are need to predict and infer..

See you all for another time..!!





Today is the last day to settle our outline..huhu At last,Eika and I have finished the outline..But,we still not satisfied with our outline because we think that our format is wrong..I'll try to correct it,but it going to be worsen..haha What am I doing? We asked hel from Ika..HEhe Thanks Ika for helping us..Love you..!!haha

Miss Zu want us to do commenting on the other group's outline..Sara and Syafika and us were changed the outline to checked it out..hihi I think their format were okay and we don't see some mistake..haha Sara told us that our outline have some mistaken..She comment us to correct it..Thanks Sara for commenting for us..





Today, our class at Block U..our class start at 4 pm..So,this today, Miss Zu want us to continued our outline from yesterday..Alhamdulillah..! We are just finish to do the body paragraph but we are not finish to do a conclusion paragraph..The first thing that we have to do is to make some correction on our outline..We want to make it better than the other day..

As usual,Miss Zu still checked our outline,she want us to do it by ourself..But, she still give us some suggestion and make correction on what we are doing..Thanks a lot Miss Zu..Lastly, after we  finished our conclusion, we decide to show it to Miss Zu to know whether she will accepted or not..Miss Zu said that tomorow is the last day to send our outline..I hope that we will make it..huhu 
i think that all for today..see you tomorrow..





HUH..I'm really tired in this today..No matter what, I have to attend to Miss Zu class..I have to be glad because this today our class at Dewan Seri Peria that are located near to my college..hihi on this today, Miss Zu said that she want to check our outline term paper..We have done our outline during weekend but we still proceed to do the outlining because we don't know whether our outlining is correct or not...Miss Zu want us to finish the outline by this week..Get ready guys!!
We have to submit it on Thursday..So, we have to make it quick..

Then , Miss Zu want to check our outline..She said that we have some mistake that we have to correct it..She want us to do  are paraphrasing, summarising and doing citation to the point. Eika want to finish it as fast as possible before this mis sem break..I hope that we can do it..


Miss Zu want to check our introductory paraghraph



Today we will continue with the next two groups that are not present it yet, groups Rozita and Asnawi..The first presenter are Asnawi and his partner Acap..What will going to be happen to that guys?hmm.. Miss Zu really mad to them because their thesis statement were wrong..And in addition,she really angry to us because when she asked us what the other words that can be replace from their thesis statement,we are not answered it..My brain totally blank..She really want us to help to find some correct words and not just depending to her to find a suitable words..I truly don't know what words can be replace with that words...She really disappointed to us and finally she correct that words and structure sentences...

The next partner is Ita and Nabila..They have the same case with Asnawi and Acap..But,Miss Zu not really angry for this time..Maybe she just tired...Then,after She approved their thesis statement,we proceed with our introductory paragraph..She want to see and checked one by one of our introductory paragraph.She always make me nervous la..haha I feel that our introductory paragraph is to simple and we just use one type of hook..hmm..So, before she came to us,we should make some adjustments and some new hook to our introductory paragraph..Eika and I make a new introduction with 2 hook which are statistic and rhetorical question..We really hope that she will give us some positive comment to our introductory paragraph..Before she come to us,we asked help from Faiz Adha to checked our introductory paragraph..We choose him because he is good in grammar..When he said there is okay, we feel glad..huhu 

She want us to be independent and do the outlining without her help..She want us to learnt it..She just want to guide us not to correcting every words and sentences..She also give us some example on how to do it..Our class is dismissed at 6pm..
We want to do the best..!!!Yeahh!!


Their Thesis Statement have been Approved..Congrate!!



I really hope that this today Miss Zu are in a good mood..Unfortunately, she  are in a really bad mood,I guessed..The class is start with Surah Al-Fatihah.After that, the presentation is begin..Again,she really angry with us because our grammar are too weak,and suck..We really sorry Miss Zu..We are still learning on how to do some improvement on our grammar..I hope that you will be understand us...^_^

Okay..!!! Lets go to the presentation seasons..Miss Zu want the  group of argumentative essay will present first..The most important in here are,that we are have been work together to do the best for writing the thesis statement..Alhamdulillah..!! Congrate to all that are doing an argumentative essay..Their thesis statement are just approved by Miss Zu..I can see their face seems like they are just winning some awards..hihi

Now, I can see their happiness..haha next, Miss Zu are accepted to the other thesis statements..I really happy for them..huhu  don't forget that there are  2 groups that Miss Zu rejected and another one group  that are not present it yet..Miss Zu said that when we are sitting together on one group we can do much better that we expect..Again! Congrate  to all..huhu Oppss..!! One more thing that we are have to do is doing a outlining..Take a deep breath!! I know we can do it..Aminn

By the way, I forget to enter our thesis statement to my blog..hihi Ok..This is our thesis statement..

" When trying to decide which methods offers the best deals between online shopping and traditional shopping, the shopper should consider several aspect that present the best service. Some of  these aspects include the variety of items, the convenience offered and the type of product."



At a other groups..



HMM… This today Miss Zu did not attend to our class..SMILE..:-) Yesterday,Miss zu really have a bad mood and really disappointed because our  thesis statement are too worse and we just doing plagiarism and not  follow the instructions and the format that are given to us by Miss Zu on last week..So,on this  today, Miss Zu want us to cooperate with each other and discusses what the real format that we should do by grouping with the same types of essays..She really hope that by using this way,we can do it more better..Alhamdulillah, yesterday,Miss Zu have approved our thesis statement..So, Miss Zu want us and the other groups that have been approved their thesis statement to help the other groups..Before she ends her class yesterday,she give us a warns whose are not come to library in this today,she prays that we will fail in BEL 311..Oh my God!! That warning have make us more freak out..I really hope that I can do my best on BEL 311 in this semester..At a library we were trying helping the other groups to settle their thesis statement. In addition, I can see that if we discusses in one table we can know our weakness on writing a thesis statement..

I really hope that their thesis statement are being approved by Miss Zu on tomorrow..Amin…So I hope that the other group are being ready for tomorrow..I wish you all can do more better than yesterday..





Today is our biggest fighting to us..Yesterday, we are doesn't have a BEL class..Happy?? Yes!! I'm absolutely happy and happy..!!!haha But, in this today, I feel very scared and I cant sleep very well last night..I don't know why...hmmm Hope something nice or a happy moment will happened to me..Aminn..But, in class BEL 311, I don't think so..hihi Today, Miss Zu want us  to present our thesis statement and our introductory paragraph..Ready, my friends..!!hihi The first presenters is Faiz Adha and Fikri...Wahh!! These guys truly brave la..I'm solute with them...hehe Unfortunately, their thesis statement and introductory paraghraph are being rejected by Miss Zu..there are 6 groups that writing an argumentative essays...I  think whose are writing an argumentative essay,they like to take a challenge because an argumentative essay is quit difficult essay to write.Then after Faiz Adha and Fikri,the next group is Salihin and Faiz..When Miss Zu reads their thesis stament,she know that they just copy from their material..Luckily to them, their thesis statement have been approved by Miss Zu,but they have to change some words to make it that statement more easier to understand..

The next couple is Acap And Asnawi..But before they present their thesis statement,they said that they are not doing their thesis statement..Ohh.!!!! It make Miss Zu getting more angrier..then,the next couple is Kima,Izani, and Syafika will present their thesis  statement..Again she really mad because they are doing plagiarism..I think that Miss Zu really got a headache..I feel sorry to her..I getting nervous right now..huhu After being rejected,it going Ika And Fatin's turn..What will happen to them? Unluckily for them,she not accepted their thesis statement because Miss Zu said their sentences are to complicated..Now, it going to our turn to present our thesis statement..YA Allah!!! I getting nervous right now..!! We really hope that MissZu will accepted our thesis statement..Alhamdulillah!!! Thanks God..!! Eika and I was so happy..YUHuuuuu!!!ahaahaaa I though that she will rejected our thesis statement because our thesis statement are to short and too simple..She said that our thesis statement is good and no grammatical error..hehe So, she want the other member give us an applause to is the first time that we got an applause from other members..heheh


After that, it is going to Bariah and Inayah's turn..Miss Zu also approved their thesis statement..Same fate with Nina and Wawa..Their thesis statement are also being approved by Miss Zu..Before we ends our class,she said that she will not coming to our class for tomorrow..She want us go to a library  to commenting to the others blog and sit together to discuss on how to do a correct thesis statement from the given format of on that types of essay..She give us a warning..She said that if we are not coming to a library on tomorrow,she will pray that we are going to be fail in BEL 311..hoho.. I will coming tomorrow, MIss...
hehe I think that all from me..