Sunday, 30 December 2012



Today I feel uncomfortable because I get a little headache..Maybe its effect when I always missed my bedtime..I have many assignments that need to be disposed..I'm so tired this day..I and  my partner Eika Ahamad needs to find a journal or articles about the latest issues that are hotly debated this today..Alhamduillah,it rain again today..As usually,our class today at Dewan Seri Peria..This today,Miss Zu give us some views and comment about our grammar in writing the blog...She told us that our grammar level is to poor and truly bad..OH MY ENGLISH..!! I'm very poor in writing a sentences..haha Then she taught us the correct way of writing a sentences..She reminds us about grammar lesson that we learnt for last semester..Ooh!!  I forgot about that..After that,she teaches us about grammar lesson such as simple tense,simple past tense,past future tense and so on..She want us to build skilled in building a sentences,so we can write it with a correct grammar..She's  right..She reminds us to have a note about grammar for each of us..So,when we want to write a sentences we can refers to that notes..I thinks,I  need to increase my training in writing and maybe I should be more and more diligent in reading an articles or newspaper in English language..But,for me,I prefer to listening to English song and when i do not understand what is the meaning of those word, I continue to search for the meaning of that words..It's quit fun..!!I like it..hehe ^_^ Maybe for a next time I can try to read a novels in English language..i think its more benefical because it can help me to improved my writing..Who know?Right?? Before we ends of our class,Miss Zu reminds us to find all the grammar notes..we ends our class at 4 pm..Thats all for today..huhu 


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Sunday, 16 December 2012

My View About Writing..


Hey everyone..Have a nice day..=) Today's topic is about writing.. What do you thinks about writing? Seriously,I don't like to write,especially doing some essay..When I'm in secondary school,my teacher said i has a really bad,bad grammar..I truly want to make a better in writing,but i don't know how to make it?Maybe its only works if I reading more newspapers,or in internet,magazines in English and who know it will help me to improve my grammar and my writing..So,when I join this blog,I learnt many thing, many words to improve my knowledge about grammar,verbs and so on.My lecturer is always said to me,when we want to write something,we just write  it.When she said like that,I more excited to write.I have to take is easy don't make it burden your head.
remember that !!

If you want to do something,you will find a way. If you do not want to do something,you will find an excuse. -Arab proverb

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Thanks A Lot My Friends...



Thanks you..!!
It rainy today..hmm so cold and I feel a little bit class at 4 pm until 6 pm. I feel so happy  today  because my BEL 311 class at computer lab.. hehe Its awesome,right..???  Maybe it can relax our minds. When  she came to our class,as usually before we start our class, we have to recite Surah Al-Fatihah..Then, she ask us to switch on a computer and she want to see our blog. Unfortunately, my computer cannot  access to the Internet..urghh.. I  feel disappointed..huuuu =(.   She ordered  to us who don’t have their own blog, they have to make it at that time as soon as possible. Hehe  Although I cannot open my blog because of internet connection, I can still learn how to follow other friends, how to manage my own blog, how to change the background of  my blog..hehe I’m very enjoyable this today. Luckily,Fatin,Eika Ahamad,Eika Kardi,Nadia Zamri give me to use her computer and I can open my blog, then she teach me on how to manage my blog, so  I can add a gadget to my blog, how to wrote a posts, how to make our blog look gorgeous and  look more cheerful..hehe Thanks a million times, Fatin and to all class member..hehe Before we end our class, Miss Zu asked me to find a partner and she want us to find two topic for each person.She want us to bring it on Monday ,December 17, 2012..So,our class dismiss at 6 pm..
That all for today.. So, from that today I have to learn more about blogger..

You know?
"Verily, Allah does not change the condition of a people until they change it
 on their own .." 
(Surat ar-Ra'd 13: 11)

So, as a conclusion,we should ask to many people to make us more better than before…hehe 


4 FACTS ABOUT OURSELF...Its my turn..Arrgghhh so scared..

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LEARN from yesterday
LIVE for today
HOPE for tomorrow…

My turn!!

Today is very wonderful day.. Today is my turn to present..I feel very excited and of course I feel a little bit nervous..Ezani.. You feel the same way with me??  Ya Allah,please make it easy for me..I hope I can do it..Aminn..
When we attend to BEL 311 class,my friends and  I were busy to discuss with other to prepared before presentation.. After a several minutes she come into my class..As usual, before we start our class we recite Surah Al-Fatihah first..Then she asked us to continue present about our self and the most important thing is 4 facts about us that nobody know about that facts. And don't forget,one of them must be wrong statement.

When it is our turns to present,I have take a deep breaths first.Ezani start to introduced me,where I came from,the date of my birth and so on.Then she tell to the other members about 4 facts that my friends should know about me. First, I'm a chaotic person.Is that true? Since I'm a child,when I'm doing something that need to hurry, I cannot focuses on what I'm doing, so I cannot doing something right..Poor thing..Thats why many people called me a "clumsy girl"..hehe Second, I like a cat very much..l have 4 cats at my home named Chiren,Chitam,Bakul, and Sepet. Other than that I really like to eat an ice cream at night..Weird right?? some people may think that eating an ice cream at night is a bad habit. But for me, when I eat an ice ream, its can release my tension and make me feel calm..hehe And the last one is, I really like to an exstream sport such as I like a rock climbing,abseiling,flying fox and many outdoor  activities .So what do you thinks about me??

After Ezani present about myself, its my turn to introduce about Ezani..Her real name is Izani Binti Zainal.She come from Kota Tinggi,Johor and she's number second out of her  4 siblings.then i tell the 4 facts about her.first, she is a talkative person because she said to me that she is very like to talk and thats why people called her "Mak Jemah".second, she is very close to her family especially her mom becouse if she has a problem se will tell her mom..So sweet,right.?? hehe Third, she likes to go shopping with her friends because it can make she feel very happy and she can spent her time with their friends.Lastly,she's very like of darkness.She is so brave..haha she said that it can relax her mind..So,what do you think about Ezani??Let's guess.. Then Atikah Kardi,my best friends said statement number 2 is false because she know that, I really scared of cat..I scared of cat because I have many bad experience when I was at a high  school..Next time I will tell to you about my bad experiences..hehe After that,someone guess about Ezani.the fourth statement is false.Haha.. Thats correct..Ezani truly scared of darkness..So don't take her into a dark place..Remember that..hehe

That's shocking.!!What was that?? O_o

After ice breaking session is finished, she said that she want us to make another activity. Then she wrote down a few word at a whiteboard. She wrote THAT’S SHOCKING!! what was that?? Is this another games or we have to do some essay..??? we still guessing..hmm @_@  Then she said that it was a game. Haha interesting…Miss Zu asked to wrote  4 facts that make us shocked at a piece of A4 paper.. hah!! I truly don’t know what should I write. She gave us 10 minutes only.. The time she given to us truly not enough especially for me..What should I do?? What should I wrote? Please my brain.. Start your engine..Tut!tut!! hehe Want to know what I wrote? hehe Okay guys.. First, if you want to know,I like to "merempit".When I stress,I like to ride with a maximum speed.Do you believe that? haha Other than that I like to swirl my hair with my finger everyday  before I sleep.It is my habit since I was a child..hehe  Believe or not,you have to believe it..haha Third I like doing a man jobs such as I like to repairing a roof,repairing a broken lamp,because my  late dad has told me that I have to learn and know simple and easy thingS. the last one is, I don't like an animal that have a furs.haha..

After that, Miss Zu asked me to make an aeroplane origami with that paper and then she asked us to flied it to others friends.We are not allowed to read that statement.After that,she choose one person to open and read that statement and then we have to guess who wrote that statement.If they know who wrote that,that person have to read other statement and guess who wrote that statement and so on..hehe I really love this activity because we know our friend's habit and their shocking secrets that we don't know..HAHA..Today is our laughing and shocking day..See you for another time..

Thank You...

Thursday, 13 December 2012

TODAY IS THE DAY..Get ready everyone!!



I'm truly nervous right now..What should I do??

Actually we have a BEL 311 class last Wednesday, but Miss Zu has to cancel it for a last minute because she has a thing that she has to do. Who do not like it when the class is cancelled..So, we have enough time to prepared for presentation..hehe

4 FACTS ABOUT YOURSELF..quit interesting..hehe

When we attend to a DSP or Dewan Seri Peria Miss Zu is already on that hall. Before our class started,we recite surah Al- Fatihah. Get ready everyone..!!!So today we are going to continue with the presentation. What should we present today is we have to introduce your partner and then we should present 4 facts that everyone don't know about that fact and the most important and interesting is, one of the 4 facts must be false statement. The simple words that make it very easy to understands is "ICE BREAKING SESSION".Our classmate must be guess which statement is false. Ok,let started it.The first presenter is Nawi and Nadia.

MISS ZU IS GETTING HEADACHE??..WHY?? want to know? just read la..hehee

Nawi and Nadia started their presentation in front of our class. Miss Zu feel unsatisfied with us because we all take a long time to present. She said that our grammar is worse.She not angry with us and she give to us 10 minutes to discuss with our partner before presenting. In my opinion, we all truly nervous that's why we cannot doing better. But, after this, I know that we can do  much better..Fighting.!!

The next presenters shows some improvement.Alhamdulillah..Thank You,Ya Allah..Miss Zu started to smile and she is really sporting person because she not angry with us.You know what??  The best presenter is Izat and Syafika. Izat...He is very funny and with his frowning face and a funny spontaneous action  make us want to laugh. Eh!!without we realizing,time fast very quickly.Its almost 4.00 pm..The class is dismiss and before that,we have to remember that the rest couple will present tomorrow. Oh no!!! Its my turn tomorrow.Arghh!! I'm so scared and nervous..I hope that tomorrow I can do it better..Aminn  >_< 

 I will continue tomorrow..
Waiting for another story fromme,ok..hehe

BEL 311...My second day..

TUESDAY, 4/12/2012


Today is the second day of BEL 311 class at Block U.Its rainy  today. Today Miss Zu talked about handout that was given to us for our lesson. Firstly, she talked about the on-going assessment. The total marks for the on-going assessment is 60%.That a lot of mark.Then she give us a handout. According to the handout given, there are three parts which are 30% for written assignment, 20% for group discussion and online assignment is 10%. She told that for the written assignment we have to do three things which are the outline for 5 marks, draft for 10 marks and final paper which carry 15 marks.Hah! The final paper only 15 marks? So scared.. Then, she also tell that usually we have to do twice for the draft. After that, she talked about writing.  She told us that we will learn 5 types of essay for this semester which are:
  • cause-effect essay
  • problem-solution essay
  • compare-contrast essay
  • argumentative essay
  • discussion essay
Another games??

After that, before we ends  our class, she want us to make a pair group by counting the number.What games for this time? Hmm.. We all wonder what a surprised will she give it to us. She tell us that we have to know our friend's biodata such as where our friends come from, what she likes,and so on.Oh!! Before I forget, she said that we have to asked our partner about  4  facts about her which is one of the facts is actually false and the other students have to guess it.That quit interesting. I'm really happy because my partner is Ezani or her popular name is "Mak Jemah". She is really talkative person and I'm  really comfort with her.She is funny person and everyone really like her.If she is not absent,our class will be quiet without her joking..haha  Lastly, Miss Zu will give us a time to gather an information before we present. That all for today..I will continue talks in the near future..Come on every one,lets go to the night market..hehe




It's Monday today. Am I still dreaming right  now?? Ahh! it's not a dream but reality..I have to realize that..hehe Today is my first day and my new start  journey to start my BEL 311 class.I hope that I can  do much much better than last semester..,Oh my God!! I was wondering why my class at DSP or Dewan Seri  Peria because it's to wides and weird to us because only my class at that hall.haha but it's okay. Its really near to my college..haha, Don't be jealous okay..It is my lucky ha!! When my friends and I arrive at that place there was no lecturer and it was  raining outside. It's  so calm!  After several  minutes, someone came into our class.Wow!! She is such a young, pretty,elegant and also a charismatic person. I really like her style..Simple but elegant. hehe  She is our lecturer,ok..^_^ 

What is her name?? Still guessing...hmm

She did not introduce herself when she start her lesson in my class..I think  it's a little bit weird because usually lecturers will told their name first before they start her lesson..Why we never ever thought to asked her name? It's really funny.haha before she starts the introduction about our lesson she asked what we learn about BEL subject for the last semester. How it is,what it is about..Alhamdulillah she never asked about our BEL result for last semester..Yippiy!!!!   At first, we were so quiet then someone told her about subject for a last semester its quit fun. 

Miss Zuraidah..^_^

We still wonder about her name. At the middle of her lesson, she told us her name.. Miss Zuraidah Bt. Sumery..Miss Zu, such a beautiful name. She remind us to remember her name properly if not she will deduct one mark for our assignment.. Then,she tells us about requirement for her class. She said we need to have portfolio and a yellow file,our own blog and English dictionary. wait..BLOG??WHAT?? IS SHE KIDDING US?? We were shocked..I do not know anything how to do a blog. But we take it as a challenged for us. When she notice we were too passive she asked us to stand up and make a simple sentence in English. After that, we play some games. GAMES?? She is full of surprises..Its will make us not to bored and feel sleepy when we studied BEL 31. Then we start that games.she asked us to  make two circles and look at each other. We have to talk with one another. She gave the topic and we need to talk about it. I tried my best for it.It's really fun. I want you to know that you all have to do that together with your friends..Its can make you release your tension..We felt very happy on that day..

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Still New In Blogger!! Please help me..


Hey everyone..Hope today is your lucky day..hehe As you know, I'm still new in the world of blogger..First time I enter this blog,Oh God!! I truly don't know what should I do..But my sweet lecturer,Miss Zuraidah told me that when I want to do this blog,please don't make it to burden your head..Just take it easy..So, I believe what she has said to my classmate and  I..I think by doing this blog, I will take it as a challenges to me.Thanks a lot  to all my friends becouse you all willing to helping me in  making this blog..Thanks a lot you guises..

How I feel when doing this blog??hmm..excited?happy??difficult??wink,wink..=)

Ahha..!!I felt very excited, although it really difficult to understands..hehe..You have to know that doing this blog is super awesome..I want to learn more about blog.. I will try my best to do this blog more cheerful and more attracted...hehe

First time? What do you think? Of course la, its really difficult,make me tension until I wanna cried for the first time..Its too ashamed..haha

So,I don't want to run away just becouse it is difficult for the first time.Then, I have to do some major renovation in my brain...I have to change the way I think..That not the way to go in life..I really believe that I can do it.Fighting..!!!

I really enjoyed to making this blog..Alhamdullah..Its teached me on how to control my temper So,you all have to wait for another story from me,ok?