Saturday, 23 March 2013



  1. What have you learnt throughout this semester in BEL 311.?      Do you think tht your writing skills have improved?

Hye everyone!! Miss Zu asked all of us to do last farewell note..In my experiences, I have learnt so many thing that before this I cannot understands.For instance now I can see and know the types of essay,how to make a great of essay, as well as I can learnt how to do a rephrasing words,how to make a thesis statemnet and so on..Thank you to all my classmates bcause without you all, I can do this by my self..Hmm..especially to my partner, Eika, thank you to you because you have been cooperate with me from beginning until the ends.. Finally we can finished our works together..Well Done,Eika.!!

 I really enjoyed to join this class..I think this semester I can see my improvement in my writing skill because there are many activities and many creative games that Miss Zu prepared to us and at the same time  I can see my improvement in writing..

2. What does blogging teach you in BEL 311?
3. What do you think of expressing your thoughts feeling using e-Diary?

Blogging??HMM...In my tought, I can learnt so many thing when I starting to do a blogging..First, at least I can learnt on how to do a blog..First time when I want to do a post, it is exactly difficult because i do not know what should i do, what should I write..At begining, I have to think first and it will take more than 2 hour to settle just one post..Its quit a long time to write..haha 
At the ends, I can write 2 post in 1 hours..It totally make some a big differences from a beginning of a semester..

Actually, when do a blogging it help me to improve my writing skill and I can learnt from my mistakes..But,I still don't know whether I can improves my grammar or not..huhu 
I think it will help me to expressing my feeling whether I like or dislike at the same I satisfied or not about  what happened to BEl class..huhu

I really hope that all my classmate are succeed..Aminn..

We will miss you,Miss Zu..!!!
 I will remember all the fun we had in all the thing we did, But most of all remember,



LAST DAY FOR BEL 311 class..!!

THURSDAY  night ,21 MARCH 2013


Today is our last day for our last Bel 311 class...It so sad for me..Miss, i'm so sorry because i came late to your class.i'm late because i just having a Kembara class..She want us to submitted our yellow files as soon as possible..Then, she want to discuss about term paper that we will have to take it during exam..

She teached us how to find a synonym words without search for it by using a dictionary..then,she teach us more about rephrasing words and how to find a main idea..The most important is we have to think creatively to create some option that had been asked in a term paper..Miss Zu really hope that we can do it..She want all of us succeed and she don't want anyone repeat Bel   311 class for a next semester..Aminn

Before we ended our class today, she want us to submitted an argumentative essay on Monday..She want us to go to another class because she has prepared some foods to us..She really know that i'm really hungry this today..haha She give us a nasi lemak, some junge foods..We really appreciated that..Thank you a milion much, Miss Zu....!!!! We really enjoyed that foods..hihi
This is we are waiting for..time to snap a picture..yeehaaa!!!!just scroll down your mouse!!

After we were taking a picture together,we seek for forgiveness from Miss Zu, she really kind person..She forgive all of us.. Thank You so much MIss!!!


Friday, 22 March 2013

SPEAKING practice again..!!



I'm feel very guilty to my group because I cannot meet them last night because I have to finished my arab's video because we have to submitted that video in 2 weeks later..I reached at UiTM almost at 10.30 pm..When I came to my room, I have to finished up the project Arab that we have to submitted by tomorrow..It really very tiring day ever in my life..Sorry,guys..!!

Today, we came to class as usual at Dewan Seri Peria..As  i come to that class,Miss Zu want to do a speaking test again..i hope that my group is not choosen..But, unluckily for me, Miss Zu want our group to do a speaking practice in front of our class.. Its quit nervous for me..What should i do.??I'm not brave enough to face it..When I come to that tables everyone don't want to sit at a chair that a candidate A have to sit on..So, i don't have another choice, so I will start the discussion..Luckily the topic is very easy for me..The topic is why teenagers runaway from home and we have finds a way to solve it..It too embarrassing because I have to speak using a mic and everyone will looking at me..But, I have to endure this, I have to do this..hehe I think that my language is very bad.But, according to Miss Zu, a spaking test in this today,it better than groups before. Alhamdulillah, Ita and I have a same mark,we get 14 mark..Wow! I did'nt aspect that i will get that mark..hihi Pika get 12 mark and wasim get 13 mark..

After we ended our speaking test, Miss Zu want us to make more practice in finding a goods points..
Miss Zu said that we will going to make a real speaking test at Thursday night..I hope that our group will do our best ..Amin

Thank You, friends...


Speaking Pactice!!



WHAT WILL HAPPEN IN THIS TODAYS?..HMMM today our class is starts a little bit late because Miss Zu have a jobs to do. She will come to our class at 4.50 pm..hihi We realy enjoyed this moment..haha But, we have to remember that she give us a task to do.She want us to finished up the online quizes.

So, when she came to our class, we have to recite surah Al-Fatihah before she started her lecture..After that she tells us about speaking test,what should we do when we are having  a speaking test and she explained to us very well..Then, she give want us to be a groups..Unfortunately, she want us to be in a groups that is in different partner..So,that mean Eika,EikaKardi, Fatin and I have to be separate..!!Oh no..!!!But, if she want us to do that, we have to separate for a while..It is okay..Maybe she want us to learnt how to cooperate with others member..My members in my speaking groups are Ita,Wasim and Syafika Azmi..Wo..!! 

Then,Miss Zu want us to do a practice..She choose Groups 1 to do a practice and do some example to us, so we will understand what should we do and what will we have to avoid to do during aspeaking test..The first groups are Faiz,Bariah,Ana and Nawi.Before they started the speaking practice, she give us a piece of paper about transition words and a score sheet to us to give a mark to that groups that include contents,language and communicative ability.Their topic is a punctually among Malaysian.

During a speaking practice we have to give a mark on what the three categories in a sheet score..First,we have to give a mark based on a content that they have..In this content we have to give a point that reliable from the topic.if not we can't get a goods markd we have to elaborate the point as well as we have to give some example.  For the language, we have to use the accurate vocabulary, linking words and appropriate language when we present our points and communicate with the other panels. Communicative ability is also very important to show that we can participate in most situations and fills pauses suitably.We have to be more careful when speak.When we cannot speak we actually can restand our point..hehe It would be better than you not speak.

 Before we ended our class today,MIss Zu said that to be ready for a next week because speaking test is just around our corner. I'm be so glad because Miss Zu give us to do the best to make us more better and better..Thank you,Miss Zu..

speaking practice..


give a marks onothers draft...!!



Hye guys!!! Today our class at Block U. We have to bring our laptop to finished up our checking our draft. Miss Zu give us a time to finished up a self-editing. Today Miss Zu has a bad mood today and we have to careful with this situation,if not she will get angry to us..

After we finished up our self- editing we have to change our draft paper to others groups that have done a same essay with us. In that class, My groups and Izat's groups were  doing a same essay with us,so definitely we were changes our draft to Izat's groups..Miss Zu  want us to give a mark and she want us to checked it in their draft paper and do some commenting onto a  peer-editing to other's draft..

Luckily Eika is in my groups..She really helpful person..I totally appreciate that..i know that I'm a bit  slower than other people, She always by my side to give me some support..Thanks a lots,friend!!So, we  are exchange our draft and our oranges paper
so we were checked in each other paper and we have to complete it.She dont want to tell others groups about what mark will be given in that groups..sshhhh!!!!!!! Its a top secret.!!huhu

Eika and I have to give a marks. Buts, for us it is not easy to give a marks.But, we have to follow on what Miss Zu sked us to do and  we have to follow the question that is in a peer editing.. Miss Zu has told us that we have to checked their essay and if they have a mistake we have to leave  some comment..I think it is a better way because we know our mistake when create an essay..

OK guys!! i will continued by tomorrow..


WE HAVE TO DO A self editing



Today is Sara's group to present their forum because last week we did not enought time to  get one more forum from their group. So this today, their groups will present their forum.
Sara's groups will give a discussion about using and  their effect by using a plastic bag.So, Sara is as a host and unfortunately there are only two panel in their groups becaause Syafiqah Azmi cannot come to class because she is having a period pain..Poor to her..But,the forum are still going smoothly..Congrate to  them...When they are talk about an effects about using a plastic bags, Suddently I think that our peoples have to reduce using plastic bags because it truly take more than 100 years to  expired..WoW!!!!  0_0 It take a long time..Hmm Maybe in our university we can provide more bin recycle in front of our college so, the student will throw away their trash into bin recycle..hihi So it will encouraged students about to think about our dying world.hihi..

sara's groups..

After they finished their forum,now Miss Zu give us a  piece of paper that have variety of colours. She give us  that paper depent on what type of essay that we are done. Eika and I are get an orange colour of paper same with Izat and Wasim because  we are doing a same type of essay.the whole class get a blue paper..hihi Now Miss Zu want us to checked our draft essay that  we are done it..We have to checked it based on the questions that are given in that orange paper and each of group have a 3 pieces of paper which is an orange colur we have self editing and perer editing and in a blue paper we have checked others group essay which is same with our types of essay.
At the same time we have to finished up to doing a references..She want us to quickly finished it.hihi we will do our best..

I think that all for today and I will see you for another day..Bye!!!


Forum!!! Fuhh!! Just believe in yourself,Diba =)



I don't want to came to BEL class today..I feel very nervous today..It just like i'm gonna be going for wars..Haha..Today,our class at computer lab at Block SL..hmm...Actually  I cannot catch my breath..Fuhh!!! As I entered to that class, Miss Zu is in that lab..You know what? I'm in a first group that gonna be present our forum..I has to be brave in myself..Just believe that I can do this although I do not like to speak in English..I know that I have a point to speak,but when I'm in front of a class,I lose it..It totally blank..Arghh!! I do not like this situation happen to me..Totally hate it!!huh !! 

After we recite Surah Al-fatihah, she want a first class to attend to
 her desk..Actually she want us to make this forum just like a real forum..She want us to named the show..So, Faiz Adha named this show "What The Show?" With Izani Z..yeahh!! We like it..hihi So we started our forum.I acts as a Datin Sri Adibah as a Consumer Right Minister..Its quit a shamed..haha The first panel that gonna be present is Faiz Adha...I looks at his hand..Oh!his hand is shaking, but I solute with him because he can speak smoothly..WoW!! He really has his confident with his self.hmm Faiz Adha make everyone attract and laughing on his speak because he is a funny guy..haha Now, it my turn to speak..Bismillahirrahmanirrahim.. I can do this..!When first time I speak,everyone are looking at me..Ah! it truly make me nervous..But when I speak a little, I has my brave to talk more..Hihi It so fun..So,the next groups is Eika's groups..She with  3 other to do a forum,there are Ita, Wawa, and Nawi..
The next groups is  Eika Kardi's groups,she with  Bariah,Hani,Acap and Ijat..huhu the fourth groups is Fatin's groups.She is with Inayah,Fikri and Wasim..The fifth groups is Nadia"s groups.She is with Salihin,Syafiqah,Ana and Tira..i think this forum will teach us to be brave when we are talking in front of a class and at the same time it teaching us to speak and give more a prepareration to speaking test..huhu

What The Show? with Izani Z

Eika's group

Fatin's group

nadia's group

Eika kardi's group

our viewer!!

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