Sunday, 3 March 2013



Hye my friends.. today Miss Zu want us to bring our laptop..Why she asked us to bring our laptop yer?  Still guessing..Hmmm.. oh, before that,our class at Dewan Seri Peria.. I love Monday's class..i not to be exhausted to me..Alhamdulillah.. When Miss Zu entered to our class, she want us to started commenting on others essay..Actually Miss Zu want Eika and I changed our essay because we are in same types of essay..Unfortunately, Wasim not attended to that class and Izat do not have a soft copy to cover for it..i feel very pity  to Izat..Miss Zu really angry with him..He tried to call Wasim,but Wasim not answered it..Hissh Wasim!! Poor to Izat.. 

Then, we give our draft essay to Izat..His face looking very worried. We just sympathized to him..While he commenting our draft,I take a change to do an online quizzes..hehe..Then, Miss Zu  want give us our outline draft..Eika and I really worried because we know that we have a realy bsd of grammar..Miss Zu come to us,and Said to us"good job girls"..!! What is she means? We just accepted that paper..We really shocked because we get 4.75 over 5..Alhamdulillah..Thank you,Ya Allah..We are just want to cry..huuu We are really happy just like we are really winning a award..haha She just commenting our application on using 's,es and others..hihhi..When we are looking what is exactly Izat comment to our draft,he saids that we have to give more example to our essay,and I don't realize that I have do a big mistake on references..Hihi 

Before we ending our class, She told us that tonight we have a replacement class at SL.. We dismissed our class at 4 pm..She reminds to us to come tonight..hihi


It's rainy today...HUUU..So cold..It almost at 8 pm but the rain are not showed to stop..We came late this tonight class because we have to  tame a long walk to cross a rain..When, we came to that class Miss Zu are waiting to us..We are late for half an hour..hihi Sorry Miss Zu..This tonight Miss Zu want us to do an essay about problem and solution..Before we are divide to 5 groups, she give us a lesson on how to ensure the types of this essay..Miss Zu divides us into 5 groups to do a problem and solution essay.. In my groups there ae 6 members thats are Salihin,Faiz,Eika Kardi,Fatin,Eika and me..So,as a first groups we are giving a change to choose the number of video clips. We are choose video clips number 2 and then she played that video clips to us..We get a topic "stealing in open house"..What was that..? i'm still blank in here..Please help me..Then Miss Zu explained to us..She want us to do that problem solution essay..Each member have a different part of paragraph. I have to do a body paragraph and my main topic is  some people tends to stealing in open house is they are attracted to the items that have in the open house as a display..

This is a draft i create"The second reason why some people tends to stealing in open house is they are attracted to the items that have in the open house as a display. Some of a open house,they put some valuable thing such as an expensive jewellery, a glassware, a laptop, silverware and even some valueable collectibles. Open house events and home viewings are a wonderful for getting your house noticed in a big way. A some of person use a tactic act like a pregnant women. The unexpected thief that we always forget is someone who pretends a pregnant women,and maybe somebody will bring a big bag because they can discover on what they are stealing.For instances, is acting as pregnant women,they can easily steal the items aand hide it inside their clothes. In order to curb   this problem, a open house have to hide or removes our valuable things. Do not put them in a drawer because it can make it more easier to a thief to steals or easily pocket and walk off with. Insteads, we should put our valuable things such as expensive jewelry in safety boxes or a safety glasses."

After Almost 10 pm, we have to submitted our essay..Then ,we gather our paragraph and sent it to Miss Zu..When I creating that paragraph,my heads is very dizzy.haha But, I'm glad to myself because at least  I can do it by myself..hihi Ok..Taht all for today..Byee


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