Sunday, 3 March 2013

References And Prepare For a Forum..!!



HYE EVERYONE..Nice to see you again..Today our class at Block U..Today we started our class by recite Surah Al- Fatihah..When I see Miss Zu's face today, I guess that something will happen to us..I don't know what was this?hihi I'm just waiting for it..Then,she saids to us that we are gonna make a forum in front of our class..I feel very shocked.!!hah!! oh, no!! I really not confident on myself especially when I have to  speak in front of our class..My nervous is coming again..What should  I do?? Can I just run from this class?..Arghh!! Or maybe I can create some excuses to escape from this forum??huuu I wanna cry right now..huuhu..Before Miss Zu divide us into 6 groups, she want us to learn on how to make references for the mid- term and final exam paper..She teaches us very well because she teaches us on how  to do it one by one..After explaining to us, then she divide us to 6 groups..Yuhuu!! I have a great members in my group.My group members  are Bella,Nina,Izani,Faiz Adha and me..huhu  Then she give us a topic for that forum..our topic for that forum is" The cost of thinhg has sky-rocketed over the last five years.Managing our finance is become more and more difficult. Discuss the reason for the price increase and suggest some solution to these problem.." Thats quit interesting.

She give us a time to think about this topic..Actually she give us 30 minutes to find the reason and solution for this topic.I'm really happy because It almost 6 pm..Yeaayy!! We are going to do a forum on next class.That mean,tomorrow..Haha I  really hope that  I can get some braved to face it  by tomorrow..Fuuhh!! See you for a next class and wait for me,because  i gonna tell to you all about my forum tomorrow..Byee!!!


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