Friday, 22 March 2013

Speaking Pactice!!



WHAT WILL HAPPEN IN THIS TODAYS?..HMMM today our class is starts a little bit late because Miss Zu have a jobs to do. She will come to our class at 4.50 pm..hihi We realy enjoyed this moment..haha But, we have to remember that she give us a task to do.She want us to finished up the online quizes.

So, when she came to our class, we have to recite surah Al-Fatihah before she started her lecture..After that she tells us about speaking test,what should we do when we are having  a speaking test and she explained to us very well..Then, she give want us to be a groups..Unfortunately, she want us to be in a groups that is in different partner..So,that mean Eika,EikaKardi, Fatin and I have to be separate..!!Oh no..!!!But, if she want us to do that, we have to separate for a while..It is okay..Maybe she want us to learnt how to cooperate with others member..My members in my speaking groups are Ita,Wasim and Syafika Azmi..Wo..!! 

Then,Miss Zu want us to do a practice..She choose Groups 1 to do a practice and do some example to us, so we will understand what should we do and what will we have to avoid to do during aspeaking test..The first groups are Faiz,Bariah,Ana and Nawi.Before they started the speaking practice, she give us a piece of paper about transition words and a score sheet to us to give a mark to that groups that include contents,language and communicative ability.Their topic is a punctually among Malaysian.

During a speaking practice we have to give a mark on what the three categories in a sheet score..First,we have to give a mark based on a content that they have..In this content we have to give a point that reliable from the topic.if not we can't get a goods markd we have to elaborate the point as well as we have to give some example.  For the language, we have to use the accurate vocabulary, linking words and appropriate language when we present our points and communicate with the other panels. Communicative ability is also very important to show that we can participate in most situations and fills pauses suitably.We have to be more careful when speak.When we cannot speak we actually can restand our point..hehe It would be better than you not speak.

 Before we ended our class today,MIss Zu said that to be ready for a next week because speaking test is just around our corner. I'm be so glad because Miss Zu give us to do the best to make us more better and better..Thank you,Miss Zu..

speaking practice..


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