Saturday, 23 March 2013

LAST DAY FOR BEL 311 class..!!

THURSDAY  night ,21 MARCH 2013


Today is our last day for our last Bel 311 class...It so sad for me..Miss, i'm so sorry because i came late to your class.i'm late because i just having a Kembara class..She want us to submitted our yellow files as soon as possible..Then, she want to discuss about term paper that we will have to take it during exam..

She teached us how to find a synonym words without search for it by using a dictionary..then,she teach us more about rephrasing words and how to find a main idea..The most important is we have to think creatively to create some option that had been asked in a term paper..Miss Zu really hope that we can do it..She want all of us succeed and she don't want anyone repeat Bel   311 class for a next semester..Aminn

Before we ended our class today, she want us to submitted an argumentative essay on Monday..She want us to go to another class because she has prepared some foods to us..She really know that i'm really hungry this today..haha She give us a nasi lemak, some junge foods..We really appreciated that..Thank you a milion much, Miss Zu....!!!! We really enjoyed that foods..hihi
This is we are waiting for..time to snap a picture..yeehaaa!!!!just scroll down your mouse!!

After we were taking a picture together,we seek for forgiveness from Miss Zu, she really kind person..She forgive all of us.. Thank You so much MIss!!!


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