Friday, 22 March 2013

Forum!!! Fuhh!! Just believe in yourself,Diba =)



I don't want to came to BEL class today..I feel very nervous today..It just like i'm gonna be going for wars..Haha..Today,our class at computer lab at Block SL..hmm...Actually  I cannot catch my breath..Fuhh!!! As I entered to that class, Miss Zu is in that lab..You know what? I'm in a first group that gonna be present our forum..I has to be brave in myself..Just believe that I can do this although I do not like to speak in English..I know that I have a point to speak,but when I'm in front of a class,I lose it..It totally blank..Arghh!! I do not like this situation happen to me..Totally hate it!!huh !! 

After we recite Surah Al-fatihah, she want a first class to attend to
 her desk..Actually she want us to make this forum just like a real forum..She want us to named the show..So, Faiz Adha named this show "What The Show?" With Izani Z..yeahh!! We like it..hihi So we started our forum.I acts as a Datin Sri Adibah as a Consumer Right Minister..Its quit a shamed..haha The first panel that gonna be present is Faiz Adha...I looks at his hand..Oh!his hand is shaking, but I solute with him because he can speak smoothly..WoW!! He really has his confident with his self.hmm Faiz Adha make everyone attract and laughing on his speak because he is a funny guy..haha Now, it my turn to speak..Bismillahirrahmanirrahim.. I can do this..!When first time I speak,everyone are looking at me..Ah! it truly make me nervous..But when I speak a little, I has my brave to talk more..Hihi It so fun..So,the next groups is Eika's groups..She with  3 other to do a forum,there are Ita, Wawa, and Nawi..
The next groups is  Eika Kardi's groups,she with  Bariah,Hani,Acap and Ijat..huhu the fourth groups is Fatin's groups.She is with Inayah,Fikri and Wasim..The fifth groups is Nadia"s groups.She is with Salihin,Syafiqah,Ana and Tira..i think this forum will teach us to be brave when we are talking in front of a class and at the same time it teaching us to speak and give more a prepareration to speaking test..huhu

What The Show? with Izani Z

Eika's group

Fatin's group

nadia's group

Eika kardi's group

our viewer!!

Just give me a smile..!!!>_<


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