Friday, 22 March 2013

SPEAKING practice again..!!



I'm feel very guilty to my group because I cannot meet them last night because I have to finished my arab's video because we have to submitted that video in 2 weeks later..I reached at UiTM almost at 10.30 pm..When I came to my room, I have to finished up the project Arab that we have to submitted by tomorrow..It really very tiring day ever in my life..Sorry,guys..!!

Today, we came to class as usual at Dewan Seri Peria..As  i come to that class,Miss Zu want to do a speaking test again..i hope that my group is not choosen..But, unluckily for me, Miss Zu want our group to do a speaking practice in front of our class.. Its quit nervous for me..What should i do.??I'm not brave enough to face it..When I come to that tables everyone don't want to sit at a chair that a candidate A have to sit on..So, i don't have another choice, so I will start the discussion..Luckily the topic is very easy for me..The topic is why teenagers runaway from home and we have finds a way to solve it..It too embarrassing because I have to speak using a mic and everyone will looking at me..But, I have to endure this, I have to do this..hehe I think that my language is very bad.But, according to Miss Zu, a spaking test in this today,it better than groups before. Alhamdulillah, Ita and I have a same mark,we get 14 mark..Wow! I did'nt aspect that i will get that mark..hihi Pika get 12 mark and wasim get 13 mark..

After we ended our speaking test, Miss Zu want us to make more practice in finding a goods points..
Miss Zu said that we will going to make a real speaking test at Thursday night..I hope that our group will do our best ..Amin

Thank You, friends...


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