Friday, 22 March 2013

give a marks onothers draft...!!



Hye guys!!! Today our class at Block U. We have to bring our laptop to finished up our checking our draft. Miss Zu give us a time to finished up a self-editing. Today Miss Zu has a bad mood today and we have to careful with this situation,if not she will get angry to us..

After we finished up our self- editing we have to change our draft paper to others groups that have done a same essay with us. In that class, My groups and Izat's groups were  doing a same essay with us,so definitely we were changes our draft to Izat's groups..Miss Zu  want us to give a mark and she want us to checked it in their draft paper and do some commenting onto a  peer-editing to other's draft..

Luckily Eika is in my groups..She really helpful person..I totally appreciate that..i know that I'm a bit  slower than other people, She always by my side to give me some support..Thanks a lots,friend!!So, we  are exchange our draft and our oranges paper
so we were checked in each other paper and we have to complete it.She dont want to tell others groups about what mark will be given in that groups..sshhhh!!!!!!! Its a top secret.!!huhu

Eika and I have to give a marks. Buts, for us it is not easy to give a marks.But, we have to follow on what Miss Zu sked us to do and  we have to follow the question that is in a peer editing.. Miss Zu has told us that we have to checked their essay and if they have a mistake we have to leave  some comment..I think it is a better way because we know our mistake when create an essay..

OK guys!! i will continued by tomorrow..


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