Saturday, 23 March 2013



  1. What have you learnt throughout this semester in BEL 311.?      Do you think tht your writing skills have improved?

Hye everyone!! Miss Zu asked all of us to do last farewell note..In my experiences, I have learnt so many thing that before this I cannot understands.For instance now I can see and know the types of essay,how to make a great of essay, as well as I can learnt how to do a rephrasing words,how to make a thesis statemnet and so on..Thank you to all my classmates bcause without you all, I can do this by my self..Hmm..especially to my partner, Eika, thank you to you because you have been cooperate with me from beginning until the ends.. Finally we can finished our works together..Well Done,Eika.!!

 I really enjoyed to join this class..I think this semester I can see my improvement in my writing skill because there are many activities and many creative games that Miss Zu prepared to us and at the same time  I can see my improvement in writing..

2. What does blogging teach you in BEL 311?
3. What do you think of expressing your thoughts feeling using e-Diary?

Blogging??HMM...In my tought, I can learnt so many thing when I starting to do a blogging..First, at least I can learnt on how to do a blog..First time when I want to do a post, it is exactly difficult because i do not know what should i do, what should I write..At begining, I have to think first and it will take more than 2 hour to settle just one post..Its quit a long time to write..haha 
At the ends, I can write 2 post in 1 hours..It totally make some a big differences from a beginning of a semester..

Actually, when do a blogging it help me to improve my writing skill and I can learnt from my mistakes..But,I still don't know whether I can improves my grammar or not..huhu 
I think it will help me to expressing my feeling whether I like or dislike at the same I satisfied or not about  what happened to BEl class..huhu

I really hope that all my classmate are succeed..Aminn..

We will miss you,Miss Zu..!!!
 I will remember all the fun we had in all the thing we did, But most of all remember,



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